Sorry for being slack with keeping my news feed up to date. It’s been a busy month riding here in Europe!

All the fun started in Barcelona, Spain where I spent a week training in some really cool natural spots with my good friend and the world’s #4 20” rider, Rick Koekoek. We had an “interesting” experience with our accommodation, spending the first few nights in Calella aka party town for 80% of Germany’s youth. Having three rounds of the Bike Trials Union (BIU) World Championship coming up the following week, meant both Rick and I valued some much needed sleep after our training, but found it difficult to attain when the night clubs playing music until 3am in the morning where situated right next to our hotel. We solved the problem by changing our accommodation to a peaceful apartment located in the monastery at the famous mountain, Mont Serrat. Well it would have been peaceful had they not have rung the church bells every hour…..yes including the night.

2015-07-16 16.36.35

The night club next to our apartment in Calella Vs the monastery in Mont Serrat

2015-07-22 22.50.27

3 wins and the BIU women’s world title; Rick’s wheel not quite surviving day 2 of the competition; a balmy 40 degrees in Odena; checking out the tracks at Mont Serrat












The BIU world championships was held in a small town called Odena, which saw the temperature sit at around 40 degrees whilst we were there. The competition format was 3 rounds (day 1 ride, day 2 rest, day 3 ride, day 4 rest, day 5 ride), 20 sections (10 sections, 2 laps), 5-6hrs race time (2-4km loop….sure it doesn’t sound much for a bike with a seat and gears but on a trials bike with a low fixed gear and no seat that’s a loooooooooooooong way to cycle). The best way for me to describe it is to think of it as a marathon but for Trials so the rider with the best results over the 3 days of competition is the winner.


Turn on ‘mountain goat’ mode to get through this BIU section


Cool Cats cruising the monastery at Mont Serrat




The sections for the women’s category were really hard….. I loved it! The majority of the womens lines were similar to the Senor category male lines, which meant the sections had a bit of everything in it – technical, biggish jumps, drop downs and the best part was it was all natural riding. Every day was a fight to finish the sections and to finish the day was just an achievement in itself for me. I was lucky enough to have Elite rider, Raul Gutierrez’s girlfriend Amanada Ibanez being my Sherpa and carrying all my water and spares on her little scooter, for the 3 days of competition. I’m incredibly thankful for her help as it would have been even harder having to tough it out alone.

It was a crazy 3 days of competition and I learnt a lot, but most of all I had fun as well as leaving Odena with the BIU female world title.

Next stop, UCI world cup in France!



My legs took a beating #couldbeashinmodel