After winning the last World Cup in Meribel and having trained really hard leading up to this event, I was feeling incredibly motivated and confident about the World Championship in Norway. Event Performance had built some great looking sections for the Trial which was in a great location right next to the river in Lillehammer. After having walked the sections, I knew it was going to be a very close competition with very low points because the section level wasn’t very difficult. I would have preferred harder sections because it suits my riding style but at the end of the day the best rider has to ride everything.

My competition was far from perfect, having made 2 silly mistakes in the first lap which resulted in 5pts (one section I knocked a marker off and the other was making a mistake on the log section) I was out of the running for the world title jersey. My 2nd and 3rd lap were really good, I cleaned every section (even cleaned a rock section that no other girl cleaned) but kept making a mistake on the log section each lap. Overall I finished 4th which I’m really disappointed with because I was capable of cleaning every section but I just couldn’t do it on the day. I have to give a big congratulations to Tatiana, Nina and Gemma for riding incredibly well. I also have to give a big thanks to Carles for doing a great job of minding me through that rollercoaster ride of a competition as well as my sponsors for all their support.

Unfortunately that’s how sports go and all I can do now is focus on riding well at the last two world cups!


Photo by Owen Gwilliam


Photo by Owen Gwilliam