World Cup win Antwerp

The sections in Antwerp were the best sections of the year! From the six sections, four were difficult and two were quite easy. I found the section level for the other competitions were too easy because there weren’t enough difficult moves within the section so it was hard to separate the riders, with regards to points. I would love to see the section difficulty increased for next year to make the competitions more interesting for the riders but to also continue to encourage the female riders to increase their riding level by pushing their limits.

The first lap is usually one of the hardest because you’re battling with nerves and it’s the first time you attempt all the obstacles. It’s a bit like “testing the water” to see if the techniques and your line choices were the correct ones. I didn’t have the best first lap, with 5pts in the fries section, due to poor line choice and execution, and 4pts in the concrete block section (2pts were time penalty points).

The second lap was my best lap as I only dropped 3pts (2pts were time penalty points). This gave me a 10pt gap in front of Tatiana who was running in second place.

Unfortunately, I had a bit of a mental lapse in the third lap where, I made some silly mistakes in two of the sections, which cost me 7pts and ultimately dropped my 10pt lead. This put some serious pressure on me for my last few sections because I couldn’t afford to make 5pts in any section. It pretty much came down to the last section, which was the fries section. Before I rode the section, my minder Carles told me the maximum points I could do for this section was 2pts to win. The pressure was on and I rode into the first gate a bit too excited and put down 1pt haha. I think I gave Carles a few more grey hairs with that first gate. Now the pressure was really on! Luckily I stayed composed and rode the rest of the section for a clean, which won me the trial!


I’m incredibly happy with the win in Antwerp!! It was a perfect day and a great way to finish up the season. I had my grandparents, aunty, mum and sister there supporting me, the sections were a good level, I took the win and came 3rd in the overall UCI rankings. It didn’t get much better than that.


3rd overall in the 2014 UCI World Cup series, even after missing the first world cup in Poland.


3 generations – my grandmother, mother and myself.








Final Season Wrap Up

As always, I’ve had an amazing time riding this season in Europe. I’ve met some new people, made some new friends, seen some old and new places, strengthened existing friendships, had some highs and some lows in the competition, had so many laughs with some great friends, was lucky enough to ride with the world’s best riders and gained some invaluable competition and life experiences! It’s been an unforgettable 11 weeks of travelling, training and competitions. I have to give a big thanks to everyone who was part of it! Particularly my sponsors ExpressiveBikes, Cleaning Equipment Consulting, Ride Mechanic, Brisbane South Mountain Bike Club, Trialtech and Echo as well as the people who have so generously helped me out. Without their support it would be impossible to be able to compete in these international events overseas. So thank you!