The 2014 Jayco Cyclist of the Year awards were held in Melbourne. I was lucky enough to be nominated for the MTB Elite Female Cyclist of the Year award (I know it’s a mouthful right), where I was up against two very talented riders – Tracey Hannah (DH) and Rebecca Henderson (XCO). Incredibly, I won it!! And to ‘put the icing on the cake’, so to speak, 2011 Tour de France winner Cadel Evans presented me with the award. It was such a surreal experience which will stick with me for the rest of my life. It is such an honour to be recognised amongst the other cycling disciplines for all the efforts and results I achieved throughout the year.

I have been regularly riding the international circuit for 4 years, well actually I’ve only ridden one complete season which was in 2011 because I’m a self funded rider and haven’t been able to afford to compete in a complete season since. However, in that time I have had 12 World Cup podium finishes, 4 of which were wins, including a podium finish at the 2013 UCI Mountain Bike and Trials World Championships in South Africa, where I won the bronze medal. In my pursuit for the World Title, which has so far eluded me, I have been trying to raise the profile of female Trials both locally, nationally and internationally. The sport is definitely exciting and has some great potential which I would love to harness and see grow into an Olympic sport. For now though, I’m stoked to be able to bring Trials into the Australian cycling eye by winning this award.

Even though I’m a 95% self-funded rider, I have been fortunate enough to be supported in a variety of ways this year by a few sponsors which include ExpressiveBikes, Ride Mechanic, Cleaning Equipment Consulting, Brisbane South Mountain Bike Club, World Gym Brisbane, Echo and Trialtech. I’d like to thank these guys for helping me, I really appreciate the support! I’d also like to thank all the people that have helped me overseas, particularly Andrei for letting me travel with him to the world cups, riding shows in London at his Guinness World Records event, training in his gypsy filled warehouse, showing me some climbing/bouldering techniques and helping me with my riding by giving me ridiculous lines to try. A big thanks to Carles for minding at all my competitions this year and providing me with some great support and advice in both the good and the bad times. He’s also helped me improve the weaknesses in my riding by setting his infamously sadistic sections that have everything I hate in it! I learnt a lot from these training sessions and I actually really enjoyed them as crazy as that sounds. I also have to thank him for driving me to a number of the world cups as well as putting up with my constant pranks and awesome jokes, which I’m sure he misses….

I have to thank Rick my taxi driver for getting me to the world cup in France and the shows in London! As well as letting me train on his amazing backyard and indoor setup! A big thanks to Cam for his constant support and guidance on everything – riding, training, my work career, life, etc. His friendship has been fundamental in my development as a rider and as a person which I’m incredibly thankful for. Obviously I ‘d like to finish by thanking my family for their support and putting up with my constant Trials talk.

Wow 2014…..what a year! Bring on 2015!!!


L to R: J9, Cadel Evans


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