Meribel was almost a perfect race for me! It was a really difficult competition because the sections were too easy so if I made one mistake or if something went wrong with my bike in the section i.e. flat tyre I would be out of the 1st place contention. With the help of my minder Carles, I was able to maintain my focus within the section and ride a really tight and consistent race. I would have liked to have seen more than just one difficult move within the section to not only make it more interesting to ride but to take the pressure off if there was a mechanical failure in the section. My last world cup victory was in 2012 so I’m incredibly happy to get another win, particularly in Meribel because it’s a beautiful place in the French alps. This is a great result to have leading into the world championships in Norway next week and I will be training hard this following week to give myself the best possibly opportunity to win the rainbow jersey! Thanks again to my sponsors and to my minder Carles. Couldn’t have done it without their help!!

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